About this Website

This digital collection contains publications produced by Wyoming government agencies and boards, and federal documents concerning the State of Wyoming. You can locate over 30,000 digitized items via the State Publications Digital Collection. We also have a vast physical collection of state publications on the shelves of the Wyoming State Library. For the most up-to-date information, we advise patrons to check the board or agency's website.

Publications available here date from 1869 to the present. You'll find annual reports, budget requests, executive orders, agency reports, newsletters, and more. Check back often because content is added frequently!

What is a State Publication?

State Publications are any informational materials created by statute, or produced by total or partial state funds for public distribution. These documents are generally research-based such as reports and newsletters, not everyday marketing materials like brochures. 

Why do you have State Publications?

By statute, we are required to house all State Publications in our depository (library). 

2022 Wyoming Statute 9-2-3211:  State librarian; appointment; qualifications; filing of state publications; deposit of designated documents; exchange of session laws.

(c)  For purposes of maintaining a state publications depository system, up to seven (7) copies of each publication issued by a state officer, commission, commissioner or board of a state institution shall be deposited with the state library for distribution as follows:

(i)  Three (3) copies to the state library permanent file;
(ii)  Two (2) copies to the university library;
(iii)  One (1) copy to the library of congress;
(iv)  One (1) copy to the council of state governments; and
(v)  The total number of copies and distributions may be modified at the discretion of the state librarian.

It's important that items are dispersed among different institutions and on digital databases so that nothing is permanently lost in the event of natural disasters, accidents, loss of an item, etc. Our digital collection also allows patrons—citizens, students, legislators, state employees, researchers, etc.—to freely access Wyoming government publications at any time of day from any location.

What are some examples of State Publications?

Why are State Publications so important?

The State Library allows Wyoming citizens to access information about their government, assists researchers and students in their studies, and provides access for state employees and legislators to do their jobs and further Wyoming's culture and operations. 


Contact our main reference desk at (307) 777-6333 or statelibrary@wyo.gov, or email statepublications@wyo.gov to reach out to the State Publications Outreach Team directly.

We value your feedback so contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions. To submit a state publication, email the State Publications Outreach Team at statepublications@wyo.gov.

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